Space Invader

I spent the weekend at BarCampLondon6 at the offices of the Guardian near King's Cross Station. I think my brain is too full of interesting things I've picked up over the last couple of days (not to mention too deprived of sleep) to actually process any of it into a coherent blog post, but you'll get an idea of my thoughts by looking at my posts on Twitter tagged #barcamplondon6, and my Flickr set from the event. Thanks to the organisers for their hard work, and to all the people who took part.

My talk was about Processing. The photos below are by Rain Rabbit.


My talk at barcamplondon6

The audience (yes, I probably should have picked a bigger room):

My talk at barcamplondon6

You can view the slides on Slideshare:

Finally, here's one of me playing with Auduino an Arduino-based synthesiser created by Peter Knight from

Playing with Auduino


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